•  Virtuality completes reality, Innovation accelerates manufacturing

    With the rapid development of virtual reality technology, we firmly believe that this technology will bring profound changes to the R&D process of manufacturing industry. Directed towards 'VR plus manufacturing', Beijing long Teknik Co., Ltd.  provides customers with excellent VR solutions, hoping to contribute for Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

  • Domestically based 
     International vision                Independent R&D
    ​ Specialized customization
    Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. actively integrates domestic and foreign industrial VR simulations, greatly enhances independent research and development, rapidly responds to customers' particular needs, in order to provide high-fidelity products and services to our customers.
  • Collaboration makes future

    Our company holds the priciple of 'Serving effectiveness, sustaining development', and constantly strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness to develop ourselves and seek opportunities. We believe we will provide you with the most appropriate products and services.
  • Collaboration, Innovation, Respect, Reverence

    We are a group of VR enthusiasts, 'collaboration, innovation, respect, reverence' are our core values. Collaboration produces value, innovation prompts manufacturing, respect earns esteem, reverence builds profession. We would like to contribute for Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

A High-tech Enterprise Focusing on Industrial Applications of VR Technology

We have been committed to localize, improve and promote industrial applications of VR technology.

Self-developed Products

VR simulation platform for lifecycle of industrial products
Fast interactive and collaborative DMU review tool
Specialized ergonomics simulation & analysis software
Professional maintainability design analysis and validation tool

Engineering Services

VR Solution Consulting
VR simulation platform customization
VR content Production of industrial products 
Engineering data visualization

Typical Cases

Sincerity makes affection, genuineness creates excellence, your prosperity is our success.


Focused on Long Teknik and focused on Industrial VR stimulation, we are trying hard.


The “2018 Long Teknik MakeReal3D V3.0 launches” held by Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. has ended in the final stop of Xi'an on April 20,2018 successfully.


On January 31, 2018, the VR industry annual awards grand event operated by the China V&R Associations was held in the theme of ‘gathering the most powerful enterprises and striving for a new chapter in the world’ in Beijing. As an advanced representative in the VR field of industrial manufacturing, Langdi Feng was invited to attend. 


The AMTS (Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Material Show was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Step Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. together and Shanghai Xin Shida Robotics Co., Ltd corporately participated in the AMTS.

About Long Teknik

Distinguished VR solution provider focusing on Industrial manufacturing.

Partners and Customers

Provide VR simulation softwares and customized services to our partners and customers










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Beihang University

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