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Engineering Services

With the continuous development of economy, science and technology, the division of technology and work in various industries has become more and more sophisticated and professional. In the process of many years of virtual reality system integration and software development, Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually built up a variety of engineering services and established related professional teams to meet customer demonds, improve service quality.

1. VR Solution Consulting

Virtual reality technology has great potential in product conceptual design, engineering design, process planning, production and processing, maintenance, staff training, and marketing. The customer requirements and concerns of different scenario are not the same. With the rapid software and hardware development of VR&AR and the surrounding ecosystem, there has been a significant progress in the diversity and effectiveness of solutions.
Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot of virtual reality application knowledge and virtual reality system integration experience during its many years of customer service, and has maintained close communication and cooperation with many hardware and software manufacturers, scientific research institutions and professionals in the industry. We can integrate technical resources and academic resources to provide customers with enterprise-level virtual reality solutions consulting.

2. VR Simulation Platform Customization

Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd., had summed up customer requirements, actively worked hard, and kept making progress in the process of continuously serving customers, gradually formed an experienced software development team, with independent software research and development capabilities and rich experience in project management. At present, the application of virtual reality simulation technology in the industry is in its infancy, lacking mature tools and platforms, which must be accompanied by a large number of customization requirements. We look forward to working with experts in various industries to develop a virtual reality simulation platform that can truly solve practical needs, so as to improve work efficiency and product experience for customers.

3. VR Content Production of Industrial Products

Because of the large number of system components and complex mechanical structures of engineering products, it is necessary to create interactive virtual reality content based on the characteristics of product engineering in order to facilitate the description of product working principles and work processes and to leave a deep impact on visitors. Interactive virtual reality content based on the characteristics of product engineering will play the following roles: expression of product design solutions, description of product working principles, reproduction of product application scenarios, roaming of product mechanical structures, and virtual experience of digital prototypes.

Because traditional video presentation is based on specific scripts and shots, the visitors can only passively accept video producers' presentations. On the one hand, it causes an unbalanced state of communication, especially for the evaluation of DMU, the participating parties cannot give an objective assessment from various perspectives. On the other hand, video presentation cannot bring the immersive experience of product interactive to the audience. Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. can customize the interactive display content with the customer's demand based on the customer's virtual reality system, so as to achieve full-function DMU display and interaction.

4.   Engineering Data Visualization 

In the process of product development , a large amount of calculation data and test data will be generated. The boring data and the single expression method are difficult for the target audience to understand in a short time. Long Teknik can visualize data according to customer requirements based on customer-supplied calculation data or test data, and conduct real-time interactive display in multi-channel and stereoscopic of the data with virtual reality systems.

  • Integrated visualization of computational data in multidisciplinary (fluid, structural, electromagnetic);
  • Outputting stereo video in large resolution (ultra-high definition) ;
  •  Multiple expressions (sections, iso-surfaces, streamlines, lifting surfaces, charts, flow feature extraction, etc.).