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MakeReal3D Facilitates Digital R&D of Civil Machinery

Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd. and the Gansu Academy of Machinery Science and Technology had reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which marks the beginning of the application of MakeReal3D in the field of civil machinery. 

VR Technology Assists Product R&D of China Aerospace

Beijing Long Teknik Technology Co., Ltd., has won the fierce market competition and became an integrator of VR simulation system of the first department, the first academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

MakeReal3D Facilitates High-speed Rail R&D

Long Teknik stands out from the fierce competition and becomes the winning tender of the virtual simulation assembly interaction system project of Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd.

The Software Development Project of Flexible Virtual Assembly Analysis of China Helicopter Research and Development Institute

“The implementation of this project has greatly improved the design power of the DMU of our institute and reached a new height. More importantly, we have seen the great potential of virtual reality technology serving research and production, and it is needed to strengthen the technical reserves and research in this field."

The Visualized Demonstration Platform of a Research institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group

“The visualized demonstration platform provided a good simulation and display environment for our project presentation and engineering data visualization, and it played a good role in design communication, program review, and product improvement.”

Analysis and Evaluation in Ergonomics of Astronauts in weightlessness of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

"The human body motion simulation under weightless conditions is of great significance for improving product design which is also a technical difficulty. The implementation of this project has searched an effective way for us."

CAVE Virtual Reality Simulation System of Aerospace Technology Group

The construction and application of the CAVE system have improved the digital design level and scientific research capabilities of our company which will play a more important role in model development and scientific research production in the future.”

Maintainability Evaluation System of Aviation Industry Group Product

"The implementation of the product maintainability evaluation system has effectively regulated the process of product maintainability simulation analysis , reduces the work intensity and makes a large amount of design experience being preserved, which have greatly promoted the product's maintainability."